The Household business of Biosphere Corporation offers a wide range of products for cleaning, cooking, food storage and pet care.
Vortex is a key household brand for non-domestic markets, uniting top-quality, innovative design and reasonable pricing.

The product range varies from garbage bags, sponges and gloves to dishwasher tablets, slider bags and wiping cloths. Vortex garbage bags are made either of recycled PE or biodegradable plastic.

Freken BOK
Freken BOK is a flagship brand of the corporation for its domestic market and Eastern Europe. The brand scores among top-100 most valuable in Ukraine and won numerous awards in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

The product range features garbage bags, sponges, gloves, microfiber cloth, cellulose cloth, viscose cloth, household cleaning wipes, detergents, dishwasher tablets, slider bags, zipper bags, baking sleeves, baking parchment, aluminum foil, stretch film, toothpicks, bathing sponges, paper rolls and lots of other goods.

LikeIt is the fun-brand for pet care goods with a range of bags for cleaning after pets, wet wipes for dogs and cats, sponges for bowl cleaning, litter mats, etc

All LikeIt plastic bags for cleaning after pets are made of up to 90% recycled polyethylene and come in recyclable paper packaging.