Biosphere Corporation is the leading manufacturer and distributor of household and hygiene products and a key player on the AFH market of professional goods and private label

We create value

Biosphere Corporation unites the whole family of brands: Freken BOK, Smile, Smile Baby, Selpak, Vortex, Novita, Eventa, Superfresh, Lady Cotton, PRO service, TORK and many others that are among leaders in their segments.

Since 1997 the company led by the Dnipro-born Andriy Zdesenko has evolved from a local startup to an international giant with net sales at around USD 180 m (2018), delivering its goods into thousands of households in 25 countries in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Baltic states, Africa, South America, Central and Northern Europe. An impressive product portfolio of about 2000 items makes for 1 million products purchased worldwide on a daily basis.

Today Biosphere Corporation has 5 production facilities in 3 countries, employs 3000 people, and competes with international giants of the industry.

The corporation’s sustainable development strategy focuses on being a responsible company in a number of ways: supporting various environmental initiatives, promoting waste management, recycling 800 tons of polyethylene per month (including 100% of own production waste), manufacturing high-quality goods from the recycled material and 100% biodegradable polymers.

Figures speak

23 successful years in the market
  • 25
    countries of presence
  • 13
    own brands
  • 10
    distributed brands
  • 5
    modern production facilities
1 000 000
ready-made products of Biosphere are purchased worldwide daily
  • 8 500 000
    garbage bags out of recycled or compostable plastic
  • 10 000 000
    wet wipes
  • 4 000 000
  • 1 400 000
    cotton buds